2016 Dancers

  • Aaron Yarmuth

    Bio: Aaron Yarmuth is the owner and executive editor of LEO Weekly, Louisville’s alternative weekly newspaper. He writes a weekly column on current events, primarily politics, and whatever random thoughts come to him right before they go to print. He really can’t believe anyone is interested in what he has to say, just hopes they’re somewhat entertained.  He’s a total nerd for politics, and likes sports, travel, food, as well as good wine and good bourbon.

    His main sport and hobby is golf. Playing since he was old enough to swing a club, he still plays competitive amateur golf at a high level.

    He’s a single guy, never married, but thinks it will probably happen sometime.

    Aaron is the only child of John and Cathy Yarmuth. Aaron’s father competed in a similar event and was lauded for his performance of the tango. So, the pressure is on!

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