2017 Dancers

  • Abby Kamen

    Abby Kamen is a foodie with a purpose. Forever feeding, entertaining, and nourishing everyone in her path led her to creating Team Food Chain (TFC) with her son in 2009. What began as a Bar Mitzvah project became an award winning nonprofit providing a substantial impact in nourishing Kentucky.

    Abby has recently added a new dimension to her work with the release her first book, Flash Mom: Your Personal Guide To The Universe. It is an entertaining account of her sixth sense awakening and her discovery of the sacred gift of nurturing. Her story underscores her life’s mission to ensure that each of us is properly fed - both physically and spiritually.

    2017 marks TFC’s third year as an event sponsor for “Let’s Dance Louisville” with Abby releasing her inner Zumba to garner more awareness and support for the much needed Feed My Neighbor program. Let’s dance, let’s celebrate each other, and let’s eat!

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