2017 Dancers

  • Annette Manias

    The epitome of a small business owner, Annette Manias manages the day-to-day operations of Oasis Solutions, the company she started over 25 years ago. A lifetime Louisville resident, Annette attended Sullivan University where she received a degree in Accounting. Annette resides with her husband, Richard, who is also a Louisville-based business owner.

    When she’s away from the office, Annette plays tennis, travels, rides her bike in The Parklands and enjoys nights out dancing with Richard. She and Richard have actually taken dance lessons for several years and Annette was a disco-dancing champion in the 1970’s. If asked about her dream job, it would be a professional dancer (not the kind with a pole).

    Annette frequently participates in charitable activities including manning the booth for Harbor House at their annual Ken-Ducky Derby project as well as varying days of service projects for both her church and local charities. In addition to helping raise money and awareness, for the Feed My Neighbor program, the dance competition allows Annette to fulfill her dream of dancing for a worthy cause.

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