2018 Dancers

  • Jason Schmidt

    Jason Schmidt was born in Louisville, KY, but raised across the river in Southern Indiana where he attended Floyd Central High School. Graduated from the University of Louisville with a degree in Finance, Schmidt worked with local businesses out of college in the auto and finance industries. The work within these fields led him to join the CFI Auto Leasing and Sales organization in 2014. Now partner in CFI, Schmidt owns Hikes Lane Auto Sales and Sellersburg Auto Sales & Leasing.

    One year ago, he ventured into a field very different than his current companies and opened M.A.D.S Gallery & Event Space with his significant other, Madison Ewing. The gallery consists of all local, contemporary artwork in a variety of mediums and provides a “living room” type environment on Bardstown Road for both private and public events. Having a passion for music, Schmidt keeps a small collection of guitars and a keyboard and invites any and all to pop in and have an impromptu jam session.

    This spring, he launched DERBY CITY DREAM CARS, the first exotic car rental business to open in the Louisville market. The company offers all types of high end automobiles from Lamborghinis and Ferraris to Maybach and Rolls Royce available for hourly, daily, extended rentals.

    The latest project for Schmidt is a lab with the goal to help fight opioid use by finding effective and safe treatments for patients. Simple testing on a patient’s genetic build can help prevent potential opioid addiction and identify an alternative treatment plan for the given ailment.

    When Jason’s not running one of his various businesses, he can be found floating on one of his refinished boat projects in the Ohio River or grabbing a delicious meal at any of the many local restaurants. Jason also prefers to travel, play golf, and spend the day at the Churchill Downs when his schedule and the weather allows.

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