2018 Dancers

  • Sarah Davasher-Wisdom

    Sarah Davasher-Wisdom joined Greater Louisville Inc. – the Louisville Metro Chamber of Commerce - in July 2014 to lead GLI’s government affairs activities. Since joining GLI, Davasher-Wisdom has risen to become the Chief Operating Officer, now overseeing all operations of the GLI Chamber.

    Sarah has an extensive background in advocacy. Prior to joining GLI, Davasher-Wisdom was the Government Relations Manager for the Kentucky District at the Tennessee Valley Authority, where she managed TVA’s relationships with members of the Kentucky General Assembly, other public officials and key stakeholders in Kentucky.

    Sarah also served as the Strategic Communications Officer for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Louisville, Kentucky, where she managed the Louisville District’s strategic communications program and coordinated outreach with the governor’s office, state legislators, other federal agencies, and local public officials and community leaders.

    Davasher-Wisdom has an extensive background in community development including acting as Community Development Coordinator for U.S. Congressman Ron Lewis, where she developed and implemented a community and economic development program. In her capacity with former Congressman Lewis, she spearheaded Central Kentucky PRIDE, a nonprofit organization designed to identify and address environmental concerns across the 2nd Congressional district of Kentucky.

    Davasher-Wisdom earned a master’s degree in Public Administration and a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Public Relations from Western Kentucky University. She is also a graduate of the Government Affairs Institute’s Legislative Studies Program through Georgetown University. She resides in Louisville with her husband Rodney.

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