2020 Dancers

  • Jordan Sizemore

    Jordan Sizemore was born a Hoosier in New Albany, Indiana to a wonderful and loving family. Remaining a Hoosier, Jordan lives just a half mile from the home he was raised in. His childhood was very similar to most kids who grew up in his small rural community. Evenings were spent playing outside or at ballgames, and weekends were spent on the lake, camping or working in the garage with his father. Sports were always an important part of his life but it was obvious that baseball was a love of his early on. His early high school years were spent putting a lot of time and effort into playing baseball year-round with hopes he would receive a baseball scholarship from a reputable University one day. He continued to work hard on his academics and put a lot of work into baseball, but later in high school he decided he wanted to be apart of something bigger. His senior year, he made the decision to join the military.

    He joined the Kentucky Air National Guard in May of 2010 and has been employed full time with the KYANG as an Aircraft Maintenance Scheduler for 6 years now. He was deployed to the Persian Gulf in the Spring of 2018 in support of Operation Inherit Resolve and the war on Isis. In his spare time Jordan likes to spend as much time outside as possible. He likes to spend weekends on the lake, working in his garage, or just relaxing in his hammock with his dog Bodee.

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