2020 Dancers

  • Melissa Goodlett

    Melissa Goodlett is one of the owners of F45 Louisville and is the head trainer and studio manager at the Middletown location. She is thrilled to be a part of the F45 fitness franchise and is excited to see Louisville growing in fitness opportunities. Melissa began her career as an elementary school teacher but spent 12 years managing a team of sales reps for Depuy Spine. After deciding it was time for a career change and having a lifelong love of health and fitness, she decided to pursue her personal trainer certification.

    Melissa is a certified Personal Trainer through the National Association for Fitness Certification. She has her group fitness and nutrition certification as well and has been working in the fitness industry for almost 6 years, getting her start as a coach and then Head Trainer at Orangetheory Fitness. Melissa loves helping people reach their health and fitness goals and believes that anything is possible with a positive attitude and hard work! She is grateful everyday that her job is to motivate, inspire, teach and help people change their lives for the better!

    Melissa is especially excited about the opportunity to participate in Let's Dance Louisville. Although she has zero dance training, she has always felt like there was an inner dancer inside her begging to be released! HERE SHE COMES!

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